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ePoster Guidance

As of 14 June 2021, all ePoster presenters (regular and latebreaker) have been emailed the instructions and link for the upload of their ePoster presentations.


Instructions for the preparation of your ePoster

  • PowerPoint file or PDF file in landscape format (ratio of 16:9 is ideal)
  • Not password protected
  • One (1) slide only
  • ESCMID encourages you to use one of our ePoster templates. Nevertheless, the use of templates is not mandatory and presenters are free to submit their own designs and colour schemes.

Instructions for the submission of your ePoster

  • Poster presenters have received the link for submission by email and reminders have been scheduled
  • Deadline for Regular poster submission: End of day (23:59), June 18, 2021 (all time zones)
  • Deadline for Latebreaker poster submission: End of day (23:59), June 30, 2021 (all time zones)

ePoster submission and audio narrations FAQs

Can I see an example ePoster with audio narrations?
Yes. Please see a demo ePoster with audio narration here

Is there a tutorial video demonstrating how to record narrations for my ePoster?
Yes. The video can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhgf_Pd-VVE&feature=youtu.be

Can an ePoster presenter upload the poster file, or is it only a submitter who can upload?
Both the ePoster submitter and presenter can access the submission site to submit a poster

Am I able to re-upload my poster if I have new edits?
Yes. Unless you have been expressly advised otherwise.

When can I add an audio narration to my ePoster?

After you submit your original file, the MULTIPOSTER team will process it into an ePoster (this
may take from a few hours to a few days). You will receive an email once the ePoster is ready to
add audio narration.

If I re-upload my ePoster, are the audio files I recorded deleted?

No. The audio will remain unless you remove a section of the ePoster.

When will my ePoster be formatted and ready for audio recording?
Formatting ePosters may take up to five days before a narration can be recorded. Submit your
poster file early to avoid missing your presentation deadline.

Is there a deadline for audio narration recording?
No. The submission system where you upload and can record the audio narration will
remain open at all times

Can I submit pre-recorded audio files?
The audio should be recorded using the online microphone tool so it can be uploaded in the
correct format in the corresponding section. But you can also upload an mp3 audio file to each

Is there a limit on the number of narrations I can use? And is there a narration length limit?
One narration is allowed per section. Up to 4 minutes of narration is allowed per section.


If you have any questions, please contact the MULTIEPOSTER Team: support[at]multieposter.com