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Oral Sessions Guidance

Here is the guidance for presenting authors with accepted abstracts in 1-hour & 1.5-hour oral sessions as well as the 1-hour oral case sessions.

ECCMID 2021 slide templates

Here you can find the PowerPoint templates that are available for speakers to use when creating their presentations.


Preparing for your abstract presentation

Presenting authors chosen for oral sessions will present their abstract and should prepare slides for presentation.


For a 1 hour & 1.5 hour oral sessions, the presenting author will have 10 minutes of presentation time. It is recommended to prepare a maximum of 8 slides.


Speaker sharing preferences

While all sessions will be available for viewing on the ECCMID platform, some presenters may not wish for the presentation to be shared on social media or outside the congress area. We have put together some graphics that speakers can place in their presentations to show their sharing preferences for the material being shown. Click on the images to view the full resolution


Live sessions

Unlike the pre-recorded ePosters, the Oral sessions are live and require the speakers to be present at the time indicated to them for their talk. Speakers can find below a video tutorial for speakers as well as a helpful pdf for best practices to ensure a successful presentation.


We ask that all presenters join their session 30 minutes before the start time to ensure that they are on time and ready to start at the indicated session time. If you are not sure about the time of your session, please consult the programme here


If a speaker cannot attend at all and require their talk to be pre-recorded, they can contact the science team at Science[at]escmid.org

Speaker Preparation

Technical manual for speakers and chairs - PDF version