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ESCMID Award of Excellence in CM and ID

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Excellence Award 2020

 Herman Goossens
 Antwerp, Belgium

Prof. Herman Goossens is a full professor of Medical Microbiology at the University of Antwerp in Belgium since 1992, director of the laboratory of Clinical Microbiology at the University Hospital Antwerp since 1992 and director of Laboratory Medicine of the University Hospital Antwerp since 1997. His professional goal is to bridge the gap between basic and clinical research, with a major focus on antibiotic resistance, to enhance the standard of healthcare, public health and professional standards, for the good of the public in large. Prof. Goossens’s current research is focused in five areas. First, the detection and genetic mechanisms involved in the emergence and evolution of antibiotic resistance and virulence in bacteria and its epidemiological and ecological bases and implications. Second, studying antimicrobial use in hospitals, the community and long-term care facilities, developing indicators of use and quality of prescribing, initially in Europe, later globally, focusing on Low and Middle Income Countries. Third, linking scientific and clinical research throughout Europe in lower respiratory tract infections, in primary health care and hospital medical practice. Fourth, better prepare Europe for emerging infectious diseases and pandemics. Fifth, building a network of more than 800 diagnostic labs in more than 40 countries in Europe to support clinical trials that investigate the utility of new antimicrobial strategies and diagnostics. Prof. Goossens authored more than 600 Web of Science cited papers, and his papers have been cited close to 25,000 times. In 2008 Prof. Goossens obtained the prestigious status of Methusalem top-scientist from the Flemish government.